Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I miss Paris to death. I am always thinking about it and I am still inspired by the pictures and memories. The Imitation of Christ Spring/Summer 2012 collection was based off my nostalgia! When I think of the 1920s, I think of Paris of course, which makes it my favorite decade by far. I also love the 20s because I consider it to be the most rebellious of all the decades! Think about it... look at images of the women in pre- 1910 and then look ten years later. Could you possibly imagine the feeling of a sudden shift in fashion like that. Women were released from the corset. Their skirts were shortened and their hair was cut. The young generation was coming out and taking life as their own. We have Ms. Coco to thank for that. (For now I leave under the table her severe anti-semitism and bitter personality.)

These are images I found in an ancient Vogue in my school library from the late 1920s. It is so old they have someone assigned to watch over you if you want to look through it

We also need a little Lautrec of course... and this might be my favorite piece of his

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