Friday, August 14, 2009

Kiss Kiss

A quick sketch I did the period before I had to present a project on Botticelli for my art class.

Botticelli is my favorite painter from the Renaissance. I was able to see his paintings when I was in Florence last year. They are so beautiful!! I was deeply in love <333

He especially inspires me, because of the way that he paints fabrics. They always look so elegant, flowing and free!!

This is a sketch I did of my left hand (because I draw with my right) for my Parson's Paris portfolio.


  1. Beautiful..and I love the photos in the post below.

  2. Wow I really like that last sketch. You're good!

  3. See you at parsons! When do you arrive in Paris? I love boticelli''s primavera. You don't realise quite how giant the pair (with birth of venus) are when you see them in books!